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Carry on Cowboy

Carry on Cowboy

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Carry on Cowboy  Stodge City is in the grip of the Rumpo Kid and his gang. Mistaken identity again takes a hand as a “sanitary engineer” (plumber) by the name of Marshal P. Knutt is mistaken for a law marshal! Being the conscientious sort, Marshal tries to help the town get rid of Rumpo, and a showdown is inevitable. Marshal has two aids – revenge-seeking Annie Oakley and his sanitary expertise…THE STAMPEDE IS ON . . . and the Carry On Gang is wanted all over the west for leaving a trail of their brand of laughter!

The Rumpo Kid and the parody supreme.

Carry on Cowboy When Judge Burke sends for help to rid Stodge City of The Rumpo Kid and his gang of trouble makers, he’s delighted to hear that he is being sent a trained Marshall. Trouble is is that it’s Marshall P. Knutt, a trained sanitary engineer.

In 1964 the “Carry On” team has ventured into their first parody of the movies with Carry On Cleo. A huge success, and arguably the best film of the lot to many fans, it prompted the Thomas/Rogers/Rothwell team to believe that movie pastiche’s was the way forward for the franchise. Enter Carry On Cowboy a year later. With a knowing of the genre and all its conventions, screenwriter Talbot Rothwell produced one of the better parodies to have ever been made. The stock cartoon fervour and cheeky asides still exist, but Carry On Cowboy is a more leaner, even darker “Carry On” than any of the others film’s in the series. In its own right, with out the “Carry On” name attached, it’s a fine comedy, with dashes of violence and even a revenge thread running thru it (courtesy of the gorgeous Angela Douglas as Annie Oakley). It’s also one of the few film’s in the series to demand a bit more from its actors outside of guffaw jinx and innuendos. Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims rise to the challenge, happy in the knowledge that Jim Dale and Charles Hawtrey were there to grab (and get) the laughs.

Carry On Cruising

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