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Car Trouble

Car Trouble

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Car Trouble  In the throes of a midlife crisis, a man buys a new Jaguar, and it immediately becomes his new love. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is as attracted to the Jaguar salesman as he is to the car.

This is a cracking film (if you like Julie Walters)

Car Trouble  I do. The early films of Julie Walters, like “Personal Services”, rely much on her early career as a nurse. She has an infectious laugh and clipped way of talking with her Midlands accent. This film is currently not available (2002) and friends and I have been searching – it has lots of one-liners (always a JW trademark) and builds up to a suitable comic climax (in every conceivable sense). The late Ian Charleson is great as the wimpish Mr Spong. I can’t get on a flight now without smirking at the line where JW let’s a car salesman know she is an ex-airline stewardess “I used to give out the complimentaries, you know, Tang, that sort of thing”. Another British gem of a picture.

Better with Age

Julie Walters, who has gone on to bigger (well, more publicized) and better things, stars as a neglected housewife of an air controller. His new car is the focus of his life. He will not let her touch the bright red machine, but one day she takes it for a “spin.” Trouble ensues, including two hilarious instances with a car salesman where they become a bit too “amorous” in the car. The ending fails to supply the climax most of the audience would want, but is nonetheless enjoyable. I would give this four out of five stars simply for the situations depicted. It’s no classic, but certainly a lot of fun. Walters is as manic as usual. If you have a chance, see her in “Dinner Ladies,” a British comedy series in which she plays the dissolute mother of the star (who also wrote the series). In Dinner Ladies she’s neither classy or beautiful, but simply hilarious.

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