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Babes Going Crazy - Strip Fight Cage Fight

Babes Going Crazy - Strip Fight Cage Fight

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Babes Going Crazy – Strip Fight Cage Fight, The stripfight goes to the next level as the beautiful, uninhibited contests allow themselves to be placed in a steel cage this time. Same rules apply. Strip your opponent naked and you win! Once again, viewers get ringside seats.

Babes Going Crazy – Strip Fight Cage Fight, I will admit I’m pretty new to the chick-fighting genre. In fact, this is the first one I’ve bought. Although it ranks as something as a “dirty little secret,” I concede that I am aroused by 2 hot babes going at it & trying to rip each other’s clothes off.

The hottest babe on this DVD is Chrissy. She’s a brunette, and she is 2nd from the right on the cover. The 2 redheads (Jubilee and Allison) are sensational as well. I didn’t care a whole lot for the 4th girl. She’s not bad looking, but the bad girl look just wasn’t very appealing to me. All 4 babes have more of a “Penthouse” style beauty (sexyness) than a “Playboy” beauty.

The violence is fairly mild. There’s some pushing & shoving and the girls toss each other around some. However, it’s obvious that they’re not out to rip each other’s heads off. Clothes yes, heads no. Some of it is clearly staged as they were obviously told to stretch the matches out. I’m sure that there are more extreme chick fighting vids where the girls get bloody noses and such, but I rather doubt that the girls in those vids are as hot as the ones in this one. I’m guessing that the hotness of the babes decreases in direct proportion to how violent the flicks are.

For what it is, this is an arousing DVD. I have just a few criticims of it. First off, there are only 4 girls and 4 fights. I would have preferred more girls and more matches. Second, the lighting is not the greatest. I would have preferred their wrestling under a spotlight to the somewhat dark cage w/dark shadows. The Special Features include brief photoshoots of the individual girls, but I would have preferred their being longer and more involved. In any case, I look forward to getting the other flicks in the series.

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