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A Ghost In Monte Carlo

A Ghost In Monte Carlo

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A Ghost In Monte Carlo  Weary of her very public life in Paris, an aging courtesan takes her orphaned niece from her convent home and relocates to Monte Carlo to begin a new life. Determined to bury the past, the courtesan Madame Bluet becomes the respectable Countess de Secret, and her niece Mistral, Mademoiselle Phantome. Soon, the secretive Countess and the beautiful Mlle. Phantome are the talk of Monte Carlo. Mistral finds herself surrounded by admirers – some with less than honorable intentions, while her aunt plots a long-awaited revenge. Will Mistral’s chance for happiness be destroyed when her aunt’s plot and past are revealed?

A wonderful adaptation of a great story with a fantastic cast and plot!

A Ghost In Monte Carlo  This is a superb adaptation of a page turning Barbara Cartland novel, with all the frills you would expect, and one will find this to be highly watchable. While some have said you may “figure out most of the story in the first few minutes” I dare say otherwise and with the cast in the film and excellent production values this has more of a “movie movie” feel, than a made for TV film, as you watch it enfold as its enveloping twists and turns it will delight the viewer to it’s moving climax.

Sarah Miles and Lysette Anthony are wonderful, Ms Miles delivers a compelling and sympathetic performance as a world weary Countess who takes her innocent niece (Ms.Anthony) from a convent and sends her into the exciting world of Monte Carlo, into the arms of the Crown Prince himself, all played to atypical romantic perfection!

This ensemble cast of top actors shine in this photo-play. The late Oliver Reed, along with the ever wondrous Christopher Plummer, shine especially, along with the superb Samantha Eggar, Fiona Fullerton and Gareth Hunt in supporting but important roles this is a true classic of 1990s television at it’s best, to be watched and enjoyed, and watched again. This is a ***** star TV Movie production that zips by in in an all too short 90 mins!

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