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A Child Lost Forever : The Jerry Sherwood Story DVD

A Child Lost Forever : The Jerry Sherwood Story DVD

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A Child Lost Forever : The Jerry Sherwood Story  Teen-age mother (D’Angelo) is forced to give up her baby for adoption and, 19 years later, when she tries to contact her son, she learns that he died, under questionable circumstances when he was three years old.

Really, really good!!

A Child Lost Forever : The Jerry Sherwood Story  I remember watching this movie when I was about 14 years old on Lifetime. Beverly D’Angelo plays a young mother who is forced to give up her newborn son for adoption. Her son gets adopted by this older Christian couple. They already have a 4 year old son(Miko Hughes). The wife and husband seem normal, kind, etc. Then one day the adopted son(Cortland Mead)who’s about 4 now acts up one day at the dinner table. The mother(Dana Ivey) gives her adoptive son a beat down while the father and brother sit at the table and act like nothing is happening. Then that night, the mother makes the boy kneel on a broomstick and makes him say prayers repeatedly. It isn’t until about 20 years or so later that D’Angelo tries to see what her adopted son is up to when she recevies the tragic news of her life. Very good movie!!

Based on a true story


A teenage mom is forced to give up her baby boy for adoption. 19 years later, as she tries to find her son again, she learns that he died in his foster home at the age of three. Nobody thought relevant that the birth mother be informed. She discovers that he has in fact been murdered at the hands of his foster mother.

Based on “A death in White Bear Lake” book, this movie stays close enough to the real story, but fails to bring out the fact that the whole community knew and covered the abuse of this child for years (before, and after he was murdered).

It was a great TV movie, way different than your usual abused-kid-of-the-week afternoon flick, and I really wish somebody would release it !

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I liked this movie very much. I also liked the fact that I can track my order.I am very satisfied with the company.