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Woman of Straw

Woman of Straw

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Woman of Straw  A ruthless tycoon, whom his nephew (Anthony “Tony” Richmond) hates as he had both deprived his father of half of the family business and had (after his father had committed suicide) married his mother. A nurse (Maria) from a poor Italian family, is initially hired to care for the tycoon. She initially dislikes him because he abuses his employees. Tony convinces Maria to persist in his employ, however, telling her that he plans to bequeath his entire (fifty million pound) fortune to charity. He plans to help her marry him, then to help him change his will, and (perhaps) then to help her achieve her inheritance, all for a payoff of one million pounds.

User Reviews

A Bonus Bond Movie for Connery Fans

Woman of Straw  I had heard of this movie for years. This movie was filmed around the time Connery made From Russia with Love. I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised that it’s a pretty good thriller, and a great “Bond” bonus for Connery fans. The character of Tony Richmond has a lot of overlap with James Bond – his wardrobe, looks, association with fancy locales and sports cars, and treatment of women. As you watch Connery in this role, you will not be able to avoid thinking of him as Bond. That’s not a bad thing, and doesn’t detract from the movie, itself. But rather, I look at it as a bonus Bond movie. Connery was at his physical peak during the filming of this movie. His appearance, vocal delivery, and acting are also some of his best work in a film. I think Connery’s physical appearance changed so rapidly between 1962 and, say, 1980, that every year he looked markedly different than the year before. Fans of Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger will appreciate seeing Connery in this movie when all his looks and skills were at their finest. If you have a couple hours to spend watching an older style film, or are a big Sean Connery fan, this is a recommended movie.

A good psychological thriller with great locations

This film, one of the earliest starring Sean Connery, has strong and alluring power of its own. The visual settings are magnificent, and Gina Lollobrigida was never more seductive or beautiful than in this motion picture. Connery shows more depth than in many of his later films–one wonders what direction his career might have taken if he had not fallen into the clutches of “Cubby” Broccoli and the whole 007 thing. Sir Ralph is, well, Sir Ralph–imperious, petulant, old school upper class damn-the-servants Brit…This film plays strongly to anyone interested in the psychological stress a crime induces in the various participants, and this is one of the many factors that separate it from the run of the mill police procedural. Finally, it has an evocative and excellent musical score–and no wonder, since Rimsky-Korsakov’s Cappricio Espanol features prominently as a mood-setter. Altogether, a good rainy afternoon movie!

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