Cripple Creek


Lawmen infiltrate bandit gang to catch mining crooks.

ACTORS :  George Montgomery, Karin Booth, Jerome Courtland


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It’s 1893 and gold is being smuggled out of the country. Instead of stealing gold bars, the outlaws are stealing high grade ore, having it smelted, and then having it plated to look like lead. The Government sends agents Bret and Larry who arrive in Cripple Creek posing as Texas gunfighters. Bret finds the smelting operation and Larry learns of the payoff. But the crooked town Marshal is suspicious of the two men and the reply of his inquiry to Texas exposes them putting their lives in danger. For every man who struck gold – a hundred tried to take it away from him!

Darkest before the Dawn

Set in the 19th century West, we have lawmen trying to catch some outlaws who have been a little too crafty to catch.

This is one of those “darkness before the Dawn” films that aren’t that common. It’s a story of a person in a situation where it looks totally hopeless and full of horror, with all allies destroyed, all hope of help from outside gone, and nothing to fight with.

In this case, it’s an undercover cop in the old West, infiltrating a gang. We get a feeling of what is to come, and since most movies are stereotypical “all nice guys have to die” plots, the only thing that makes us think it’s possible the undercover cop will live is because tough guy Montgomery portrays him. That makes it suspenseful, because now we feel it is an even money chance he will pull out alive some how



George Montgomery, Jerome Courtland and Richard Egan are undercover agents in the old west trying to break a gold smuggling ring working out of the town of Cripple Creek.

This is good, solid western entertainment. It’s a buddy- western, shoot-em-up, fist-fight, and midnight rides type movie. I found it to be well paced, written and acted. It has some plot twists that make it more adultish than the usual kid-western fodder.

For the western movie fan, there’s alot of other familiar faces among the cast, and everyone gives a fine performance.

This has been on Encore’s Western Channel. Catch it if you can without commercials, it’s so much better.

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