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Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour

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Safe Harbour, Ophelia MacKenzie is spending the summer on a beach house with her daughter Philippa, recovering from the death of her husband and son in an air crash. Philippa meets Matt Bowles on the beach, where he spends time drawing, he is a handsome divorcée, and she introduces him to Ophelia. A romantic relationship develops between Ophelia and Matt after initial hesitance by Ophelia.

A Typical Danielle Steele Love Story

Danielle Steel’s Safe Harbour is your typical love story about two lonely people who find each other’s heart and no explanation is given why they fall for each other except that a love story has to be told. The direct-to-video film stars Melissa Gilbert,Brad Johnson and Liana Liberato.

The story is about Pip,a once a normal 11-year-old kid with a happy life, but she became very lonely when her father and brother died at a plane crash. Especially her mother Ophelia,played by Gilbert, has trouble dealing with the loss and becomes depressed. While walking on the beach one day, Pip meets Matt,played by Brad Johnson, an artist with a broken heart. She immediately befriends him. Her mother worries about her friendship and suspects Matt of being a pedophile. However, it doesn’t take long before Matt wins over Ophelia’s heart as well.The End.

One good thing about this film is the setting of the story as it takes place in San Francisco as the movie provides scenery of the great city.But still,aside from a clichéd and predictable story,one notable pain to watch is the performance of Melissa Gilbert as Ophelia.She sounded awful as a French woman. It definitely was not one of her best performances in her career.

Safe Harbour, This is a typical Steele novel production in that two people who have undergone some sort of tragedy manage to get together despite the odds. I wouldn’t call this a spoiler because anyone who has read a Steele novel knows how they ALL end. If you don’t want to know much about the plot, don’t keep reading.

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