Salome Where She Dance


A famous Viennese ballerina flees Europe during the Austro-Prussian War and falls in love with an American bandit who looks like her deceased royal lover.

ACTORS :  Yvonne De Carlo, Rod Cameron, David Bruce


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Salome Where She Dance, This movie catapulted Yvonne De Carlo into stardom. During the Austrian-Prussian War, Anna Maria (De Carlo) is a famous ballerina who has no other choice but to leave Europe after she is accused of being a spy. Jim Steed, (Rod Cameron), an American war correspondent, helps her escape to the United States, accompanied by her composer, Professor Max Blumenthal (J. Edward Bromberg). They eventually reach a small town in Arizona, where they meet an old entertainer, Madam Europe (Marjorie Rambeau), who joins them in a local performance of “Salome,” starring Anna Maria. She makes such an impact on the town that they re-name it “Salome, Where She Danced.” Anna also tames and falls in love with the local bandit, Cleve Blunt (David Bruce), who resembles her deceased lover, a Habsburg prince named Kurt. The group (Anna, Jim, Max, Madam Europe, and Cleve) moves on to San Francisco, where Anna attracts the attention of a wealthy Russian colonel (Walter Slezak) who decides to build her a new opera house. However, a Prussian nobleman (Albert Dekker) on the lookout for Anna, arrives in San Francisco with the intention of taking Anna back with him to Europe.
THE camp classic of all time
Salome Where She Dance, Miss DeCarlo’s starring debut has everything the writers could come up with — from the Franco-Prussian War to the US Civil War, the great American West, San Francisco in its heyday, ballet, opera, vaudeville, stage coach bandits, and a Chinese junk. Just when you thought the plot couldn’t get any screwier, it does. It’s magnificent, taken tongue in cheek. DeCarlo’s character (here called Anna Marie — NOT Salome, that’s the role she dances) is loosely based on the career of the notorious Lola Montez, who was the mistress of the King of Prussia and caused a revolution when he gave her the crown jewels. She did escape to the American west. There is a town in Arizona called “Salome, Where She Danced,” based on the historical fact that Lola Montez did dance the role of Salome there. StageCoach Cleve and the Russian nobleman who fall under her charms are not historically accurate, nor I assume is the Chinese wise man with the Scottish accent — but it is one of my favorite all time camp classics and DeCarlo is breathtakingly beautiful throughout.

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