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Planet Of The Apes

Planet Of The Apes

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Simply brilliant!
Planet Of The Apes, This film is absolutely wonderful, much better than the uninspired Tim Burton re-imagining(that saddened me as I like Burton, well his early movies anyway). This though is the real deal, much better told in terms of story, and the script is clever and sly. Planet of the Apes certainly looks good, the special effects and cinematography are excellent for their time, and the ape make up is simply marvellous. And of course the twist ending still delights(and shocks). And I think the acting is good, with Charlton Heston appropriately square jawed in one of his more interesting film roles and as the apes Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter really do shine. The direction is engaging and focused as well, and the score is terrific. The film may start a little slow, but that is nothing compared to how pedestrian the whole of the 2001 film was. Overall, simply brilliant.

I loved this film. This is probably the film that got Charleton Heston knighted (because he gives his most memorable performance). This sci-fi classic looks at a post earth period where Charleton Heston returns to find his planet is now ruled by “damn, dirty” apes who use humans for experiments. Very intruiging along the way. Roddy McDowell is also very good as the head ape who actually may like the human. Extraordinary (Oscar winning) makeup and a overall goodness in the sci-fi world make this a must see for anyone looking for a good time, and a mandatory watch for any film buff. Great. One of the best films of the 60’s. A+

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