After copper miners discover part of the frozen tail of a prehistoric monster in Lapland, scientists inadvertently bring it back to life.

ACTORS: Bent Mejding, Asbjørn Andersen, Povl Wøldike


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Bad Movie Monster Classic
Reptilicus, This is the story of what happens when a part of a long dead monster is dug up and allowed to grow to Godzilla proportions before it destroys much of Copenhagen.

This film exists in two versions the American release version and the version that was released Europe. The films while telling essentially the same story are cut very differently. The European version runs over 10 minutes longer, which doesn’t include alternate versions of scenes. Most tellingly missing from the American version is a pointless song by the handyman to a bunch of kids in a park, beach romance scenes between two of the characters and the the legendary flying scenes, which consist of the monster model being flown on strings at night (their removal was probably a good idea). The American version also is missing the spitting of the animated green goo.

I just finished watching the two versions of the film back to back and find that the non-English version is a better film, there are more shots of the monster and of destruction, and even though some look worse, its some how a more sincere, more complete film (Handyman song aside).

No its not a good film by any stretch of the imagination but it is a fun film, with a monster the likes of which we don’t see any more. Its one of the dumbest, yet coolest, monsters in movie history. Yea its a badly animated puppet in fake settings, but its till a great way to enjoy a rainy Saturday afternoon.(Just skip to the monster parts)

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