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Van Nuys Blvd

Van Nuys Blvd

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Van Nuys Blvd  A small-town kid hears about the wild nights of cruising the boulevard in Van Nuys, California. He drives out there to check it out, and gets involved with drag racers, topless dancers and bikers.

I sure miss my High school years.

Van Nuys Blvd  I grew up in Citrus Heights, California. started driving in 81, and if you’re from anywhere near there and you would know about the cruise at the Sunrise mall and then Birdcage walk. The cruise started around 74-75 at the Sunrise mall, they (police and barriers) shut that down and it moved to the birdcage walk, from Sunrise Boulevard to Greenback lane, down Birdcage walk road in front of tower records and down by Toys “R” Us, I remember hearing on the news that an estimated 5000 cars were involved in the slow cruise. But lot of neighbors and stores complainEd and then there was a shooting at Burger King, so the cops shut it down in 1988-89. Most of the attendees just enjoyed the slow cruise, the chatting with friends. making new friends, but there are always those a-holes that ruin it for everybody. Watching this movie sort of brought back memories of that, for the most part, it shows the antics of three couples who met during the cruise on Van Nuys Blvd. it’s kind of a time capsule for the people that lived during this time, sadly our kids and their kids will never know what a slow cruise is like. Unless you make it to Reno, Nevada for hot August nights. But even that does not have the same feel. Been there, done that.

VAN NUYS classic drive-in teenage fun.

VAN NUYS BLVD is another Crown International teen film that shows what a different place America was in the 1970’s. Kids cruise around for sex, drugs and bad disco music. They also get to go to jail and then go to Magic Mountain the next day. Why I live for these movies I’ll never know. Lots of drag racing, cool cars and hot chicks round out a film about doing nothing that totally makes a movie-watching SESSION a memorable experience. Recommended for the right people.

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