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Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse

Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse

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Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse  An Englishman, John Morgan, lives 30 years as a Sioux named Man Called Horse. In 1874, gold is discovered in the Black Hills, on tribal land guaranteed to the Sioux in the Laramie Treaty of 1868. Settlers pour in and White provocateurs try to prompt the Sioux to break the treaty (so that all-out war with the US forces will result in the land no longer being under Sioux control). They murder and make it look like Indians were responsible. Man Called Horse helps maintain calm among the tribe, but when tragedy befalls him, it’s left to his son Koda and Koda’s lover, a Crow named Red Wing, to devise a strategy to keep the argonauts at bay and the Black Hills sacred.

A Good Western

Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse  I really don’t understand why people submit bad comments about movies. This movie, while not a true sequel of “A Man Called Horse”, was an enjoyable movie in it’s on right. Take it for what it is, a western and I think you will enjoy.

The few times that Richard Harris appeared in the movie, is a tribute to an aging star who wanted to finish the third, and last movie in “A Man Called Horse”. While not able to be as much a part of the movie as he wanted to, he nevertheless was there.

I think that the movie should be judged on it’s on merit rather than see it as a finish to a series. I enjoyed the movie and would like to see the whole series released on DVD.

The final chapter of “The Man Called Horse” series.

Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (1982) is about the son of the English man turned native “Man Called Horse”. Times are rough for his tribe. The once great warriors are now reduced to a few families. His son Koda is now a man and he knows he must take care of his people. But the white men are coming into their sovereign land. With the ailing “Man Called Horse” unable to make clear decisions, it’s up to Koda to do what’s right for his people. Make a pact with the white men or risk losing his tribe. What will Koda do?

A fitting end to the series. It was depressing (and realistic) to see the tribe dwindled to such a small number. The end of the plains natives was clearly written on the wall. Survival was important to the remaining few. Richard Harris takes a side step to let rising star Michael Beck take over the starring spot light.

The Return Of A Man Called Horse

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