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Tim Allen Rewires America and All Men Are Pigs

Tim Allen Rewires America and All Men Are Pigs

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Tim Allen Rewires America and All Men Are Pigs, In his second Showtime stand-up comedy special taped at The Power Center for the Performing Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tim Allen proudly grunts his way through a discussion of “men stuff.”

Includes Tim Allen’s first Showtime stand-up comedy special “Men Are Pigs”filmed in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Like many comics, Allen found it was easy to make his friends laugh. One of them dared him to try stand-up. He accepted the challenge, making his first performance in 1979 at Detroit’s Comedy Castle. The neophyte bombed for the few minutes but by the end began to earn laughs.Allen found a level of local success. Along with being popular in the clubs, he would often appear in local commercials. While appearing on local talk show, Allen removed his last name of “Dick” at the behest of producers who felt it would just like a joke and part of his act.After appearing in 1988’s “Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen”> Allen moved to Los Angeles to further his career. He became a regular at the Comedy Store and the Improv. Allen began talking about his home life, particularly focusing on the joys of being a man. Some of his punch lines were punctuated with snorting noises, which made a natural lead in for his first special “Time Allen: Men are Pigs” which premiered in 1990.

After the success of a Roseanne featuring stand-up Roseanne Barr, many producers began looking for stand-up comics who’s personas might make for other hits.  Tim Allen’s masculine persona was perfect to tailor a family sitcom around. In 1991, his sitcom “Home Improvement” premiere on ABC. Allen played a host of a home repair TV series and was a consistent hit during its 8 year run, often in Neilsen top ten. The sitcom also earned Tim seven straight People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite Male TV Performer.”

The show launched Allen to a level of celebrity, which made for more interest in seeing him perform live. At one point during Home Improvement’s run, Allen mounted a national tour with many sell out performances.

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