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The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place

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The Hiding Place, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom are middle-aged sisters working in their father’s watchmaker shop in pre-World War II Holland. Their uneventful lives are disrupted with the coming of the Nazis. Suspected of hiding Jews and caught breaking rationing rules, they are sent to a concentration camp, where their Christian faith keeps them from despair and bitterness. Betsie eventually dies, but Corrie survives, and after the war, must learn to love and forgive her former captors.

A wonderful film


The Hiding Place, This is another Holocaust story that is well worth watching. It is the true story of 50+ year old Corrie ten Boom, her older siblings and their father all devout Christians. Their love and faith prompt them to be part of the Dutch underground and to hide Jews in their home. For this they are sent to prison. The rest of the film centers on Corrie and her sister Betsie. They endure the hardships of the prison camp by remaining true to the teachings of Christ.

The movie is well made and acted and not at all “preachy”. As with all movies they did make some changes from the book. However the basic story was kept intact. I did not understand the change in the character called “Eusie”. Some beautiful lines in the book were changed or left out. The most notable is when it is pointed out to Papa ten Boom that if they kept a Jewish mother and baby they could “lose your lives for this Jewish child”. Papa takes the baby and says “I would consider that the greatest honor that could come to our family.” The scene was in the movie but not that line.

Eileen Heckert did an especially fine job as a fellow prisoner who has become hardened by prison life but still retains her humanity. Arthur O’Connell plays Papa ten Boom with grace, dignity and warmth. Julie Harris seems to really be Betsie. Newcomer Jeanette Clift is excellent in the lead role of Corrie.

I don’t think one has to be a Christian to enjoy this movie. I did think the book was better and I encourage everyone to read the book. The movie is very good too and I highly recommend it. The movie does not contain any gory scenes or scenes that would be overly upsetting for children learning about the Holocaust. It should be watched with a parent.

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