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The Fourth Wish

The Fourth Wish

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The Fourth Wish  Casey learns that his 12-year-old son Sean has leukaemia and will die in a few months. Casey leaves his job to devote himself to making his son happy, seeing to grant three wishes of Sean: to own a dog, be reunited with his mother, and meet the Queen. The poignant struggle of a man to grant his terminally ill son three wishes – and the obstacles cast in his way of achieving this goal.

A Truly Beautiful Australian Film

The Fourth Wish  I warn you, when you watch The Fourth Wish, bring plenty of tissues because you are going to need them. The Fourth Wish was made in 1976 from a 1974 TV drama from the ABC. It tells the story of a single dad Casey who learns that his 12 year old son Sean has leukemia and has only a short time to live. Wanting to make his son happy, Casey sets about fulfilling three wishes. Getting him a dog, being reunited with his mother who left them and meeting the Queen. Each task is harder and Casey has to overcome many obstacles to achieve this. The scenes with Casey (John Meillon) and Sean (Robert Bettles) are poignant without being maudlin. This movie is really a great example of what Australian cinema could and can still achieve with great acting, a wonderful script and sensitive directing. A must see for any film buff or just anyone who enjoys fine cinema.

One of those unforgotten Oz pics, I wish you’ll see

The Fourth Wish  What a beautiful, poignant, and sad movie this is. I’m not really one to watch PG or G movies. I watched this back in 87, and re watched it in 2008, only to see an actress, who’s a notorious casting agent in Adelaide, this being one of the first films she cast. When seeing how Jetty Rd, looked back in the day, it’s a trifle bit sad and depressing. About every location in this film, I pinpointed straight away, including the father and son, roughing it out or tenting it out with their shaggy new friend, Roger, at Chain of ponds. John Meilion, a single father gives a fantastic and impressively realistic performance, overacted in no way, as a heroic father defying the odds, having just learn’t, his twelve year old son is dying of leukemia, every father’s nightmare. He goes to a few doctors, one with a more hopeful outlook, where in the end, illness will sadly triumph. Robert Bettles as the son is terrific, a child actor who did a very stupid thing, giving up this gig. He was so professional, and never overacted. The other actors are fantastic, the casting agent who shall remain nameless, with a thirty second shot as a rent a car chick, basically takes the p..s out of herself or hams it up, if you ever meet the actress/agent I’m referring to. Even Roger the dog, doesn’t slack. The son asks for three wishes, which stout hearted Meilion, who will do anything for his son, grants him. You’re never guess the last one, but what is the kid’s fourth wish. We pretty much know. Robyn Nevin as the ex wife looked quite hot in the day. The great thing I loved about the film that doesn’t end like you think it will- on a sad note, is that Meilion never tells the son, what’s to come, that one day soon, he won’t be around. And the kid will never question his fate, a mutual acceptance, something I really liked about this film, but I really liked this film in general. Watch it, if just for sighting out Adelaide locations, the festival theatre night shots are awesome. A truly wonderful film that will pull at a few heartstrings.

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