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The Christmas Blessing

The Christmas Blessing

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The Christmas Blessing Nathan Andrews, a medical resident, goes back home to his small town after he loses a teenager on the operating table. He joins his dad and his mechanic’s business and becomes a basketball coach to some youths. Here he meets Charlie and Meghan. This is based on a novel by Donna VanLiere and a continuation of “The Christmas Shoes.” Meghan is trying to start up a day care business for single, working mothers and Charlie is ill. All their lives are connected and Nathan meets someone from his past.

I really enjoyed this movie

The Christmas Blessing My family and I enjoyed this movie very much. Is it possible that it will be coming out on DVD anytime soon. We look forward to watching The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessings for years and years to come. These are great family movies and even if you do not cry that much you better still have the tissue sitting right beside you. It really gets to you but in a great way. It also has great family values that are wonderful. We really need more of that. It would be wonderful if they could make another sequel to this one or think of others to do like this one. We need more things to remind us what is really important. Like is the job more important than family and friends. Is your childs life on the bottom of the totem pole compared to working constantly. I guess I think of it in more of a day to day blessing because my husband works and I stay home and take care of the kids. So that they always have a parent here to talk to. Thank you.


My only complaint is the scene where the elementary school teacher teaches a chapter on Mexico. Her ‘Mexican’ costume is cultural appropriation at its worst and her facts are wrong. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day and it’s not a big holiday in Mexico. That almost ruins the entire movie. Technically this movie is a sequel to The Christmas Shoes, but all the relevant information from The Christmas Shoes is mentioned in this movie anyway. The Christmas Shoes is extremely depressing and boring, with terrible acting to boot, so skip it altogether. This movie, on the other hand, has great writing and great acting. There’s a guest performance from Blake Shelton and NewSong, but it’s not cheesy because the concert is a fundraiser that is relevant to the plot. The movie is about a transplant, so it’s tragically realistic, but it’s written in a touching ‘everything happens for a reason’ way.

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