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Stingray Lonigan and his partner Tony, two drug dealers, shoot two cops who attempt to set them up, and run away with a million bucks and the drugs, which they stash in a red Corvette Stingray in a used car lot. When they attempt to recover their stash with their leader, Abigail, they find out that two happy-go-lucky dudes, Elmo and Al, have bought the car. They quickly pursue the two along with the police who think that the car’s new owners are the criminals.

A semi-cult classic……

Stingray I found this movie interesting enough to view through it’s entirety. Decent chase scenes, some humorous moments, and a catchy soundtrack. Being from the St Louis metropolitan area where the film was made, I recognized many of the locations where scenes were shot. Overall, I would give it 4 stars as a drive-in Trailer-Park classic… The only strikes I would put against it would be the lack of wardrobe (all the characters wore the same threads throughout}, and the script seems to have been made up as they went along. It appeared to me that Richard Taylor {writer and director} had a difficult time thinking of an ending. It seemed to me that it was made up on the fly (plus the sun was starting to set-probably was the last day of shooting and he had to think of something… Decent acting with a sometimes weak script, I would still recommend it. Sherry Jackson as beautiful as ever, and decent performances by William Watson, Bert Hinchman, and Cliff(fatty} Emmich.

Sherry Jackson at her evil best!

Watch this movie for Sherry Jackson alone. Her performance here as a villain is superb. She steals every scene she is in. Thin plot about some vandals loot being stashed in a classic Corvette. When the unsuspecting new owners drive off in the car the chase is on. Sherry has some classic camp lines: Lighting up a cigarette in an elevator dressed as a nun, she tells a portly man “You got a problem fatso”?? Later in a biker bar, she pours a drink down a man’s pants and then sets his crotch on fire! Sherry should have been a huge star in the 70’s, she was gorgeous, could play tough or innocent and had tons of charisma! She even drives an EARTHMOVER in this flick. Supporting actors are good but this is Sherry’s movie all the way. They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

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