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Stagecoach  Story follows a stagecoach ride through Old West Apache territory. On board are a cavalry man’s pregnant wife, a prostitute with a broken heart, a Marshal taking in his prisoner Johnny Ringo, a crooked gambler, and the infamous Doc Holliday.

It stands fine on its OWN

Stagecoach  It seems most reviewers are impotent to view and comment on artistic work on its merit. They remain cognizant of previous works with the same title and their innate objectivity [if they had any] goes screaming out the door.

This work if being compared, should be compared to earlier works by these singers …. er actors. I’ve seen Johnny Cash so stiff and stoic he appears like a page in a dull novel. Here he comes to life and is really believable in his role. The writers gave these people lines that they rarely muffed or failed to deliver with absolute perfect clarity and hesitancy if orchestrated that way. I was so impressed with the writing I made a bee line to see who the writers were. I was amazed I must tell you it gave me more appreciation for the artistic work of these singers in their second at least not primary, chosen area of labor. Any objective person who wants to enjoy a western movie can relish and savor this to the penultimate if he or she sits with NO preoccupation with the title, how many times done before and who might have played the parts. Bring innocent objectivity to your seat and then sit down and savor a well done movie [arguably the BEST ever done] by these talented artists who are not working in their primary field but skillfully put their varied abilities to the test on the big screen which is unrelenting enough of mistakes without someone sitting there with the preoccupied thought of seeing what doesn’t compare with 1939. Its a winner if YOU can be objective.


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