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Songs That Won the War

Songs That Won the War

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Songs That Won the War  Some very rare, and entertaining film clips from the war years, that most likely can’t be seen anywhere else, featuring some of the lesser known, as well as the greatest stars of the time, the biggest of them all of course is Bing Crosby, and the all too brief appearance of him in England, singing ‘San Fernando Valley’ live to the service personal, is worth the price alone! Just makes you wish they had the video recording technology around back then, that they have today. What priceless treasures could have been preserved forever?

A mere fifteen years after the end of WWI, the World witnessed the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, when he became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. The Second World War is widely accepted to have begun in 1939, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared that Britain was at war with Germany. Within hours, Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies made the announcement that this country was also at war.

As before, music played a great part in the upkeep of morale, for both the public at home and the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen involved in the conflict.

Songs That Won the War  In this collection of contemporaneous recordings, you can hear the songs that lifted the spirits of the public and the armed forces alike.

From the comic (Der Führer’s Face, Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major) to the sentimental (We’ll Meet Again, White Cliffs Of Dover), from the optimistic ([We’re Gonna Hang Out] The Washing On The Siegfried Line, When The Lights Go On Again [All Over The World]) to the songs of army life (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, This Is The Army, Mister Jones) we have collected the songs that we think encapsulates the feeling of the times and helped Australian, New Zealand, American and British troops through what is considered “our darkest hour”.

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