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Something is Out There

Something is Out There

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Something is Out There, It began with a series of terrifying murders with no motive, no suspect, and no clues. When Officer Jack Breslin encountered a strange and beautiful woman at the scene of one of the crimes, it became clear that there was a connection between her and the killer. And as her story unfolded lack became aware that all humanity was threatened by a force of evil that took the form of its victims. It was then that street-smart cop Jack Breslin and this alien woman Tara joined forces to stop a monstrous creature before it was too late. With Tara now stranded on Earth and possessing extrasensory powers, she joins Jack in his ongoing fight against crime, often guiding him to the real criminal when his human efforts have failed. This is science fiction in the tradition of “Alien” and “lnvasion of the Body Snatchers”. Combining the talents of writer- producer Frank Lupo (“Werewolf”), Oscar- winning makeup genius Rick Baker, and special effects legend John Dykstra (“Star Wars”).

Good Sci-Fi B-Movie, Using a Similar Storyline of “The Hidden”

Something is Out There, Detectives Jack Breslin (Joe Cortese) and Frank Dileo (George Dzundza) are investigating a serial-killer, who slaughters his victims and removes their internal organs. While in the crime scene, Jack notices the constant presence of a beautiful young woman, Ta’Ra (Maryam d’Abo). He finds her and is convinced that she is a doctor from a prison in the outer space. She explains that the murderer is a powerful alien, who is able to change his appearance, that escaped from prison, and she is chasing him. They join forces trying to eliminate the menace to planet Earth. “Something Is Out There” is a good sci-fi B-movie, using a similar storyline of “The Hidden” (1987). The story mixes crime, horror, sci-fi and action, and has in the beauty of the British Maryam d’Abo one of its greatest attraction. There are some good lines, and the movie is a good entertainment.

Goliath Awaits

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Mark Jirousek
Bad quality

These files are of very poor quality.. They should not be allowed for sale.