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She's Too Young

She's Too Young

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She’s Too Young A mother/daughter relationship is thrown off balance when the mother (Marcia Gay Harden) discovers that her “good girl” daughter (Alexis Dziena) is part of a group who are engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners. Such activity results in an outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases.

User Reviews

great depiction of teen life

She’s Too Young This film is perhaps one of the most viewer friendly accurate description of teen life. There were strong performances all the way around. Alexis Dziena shines bright as the lead character in this film. This film takes an unparalleled view of teen sex but it also takes a view at teen curiosity in general. This is a very important film for not just all parents to watch but teens also, since it is about them. It is important for teens to know what is going on inside and outside of their high school. At the same time it is alarming to see how many sexually active teens there are presently today. Even though I’ve been out of high school for only 3 years, I know it has changed significantly since I’ve attended. Another good reason to view this film is for individuals to see that high school isn’t as sugar-coated and “G” rated as “Saved by the Bell” and many of the teen shows from the 90’s make it out to be. Teens becoming sexually active with more than one individual is real. It’s time for us to start watching more movies and shows like this that alarms us of this matter.

Promiscous girls

This movie is more reality than people think, i have a teen daughter and she goes through the same pressures at high school. with that being said i thought first that the girls in this movie were way too sexually active especially for their age. the boys were a little over the top with the joints and alcohol also. the parents in this movie seemed pretty realistic , at least as much as you can get. Marcia Gay Harden plays a teen mom who suspects that her daughter is not the good two shoes she once was. the dad really doesn’t seem to care to much, till its’ too late, it seemed like most of the girls were willing to have multiple sex partners, some even refusing to get tested for syphillis, to me that does seem kinda ignorant, especially when it was going around the school like the plague. overall i think that this is a pretty good movie and does try to teach you something, teens as well as adults.

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