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Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff

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Scared Stiff  Nightclub singer Larry Todd breaks off his romance with a beautiful showgirl when he realizes she’s the girlfriend of a murderously jealous gangster. While on the run, Larry mistakenly believes he kills one of the mobsters and is helped to escape police by heiress Mary Carol, who smuggles Larry and partner Myron to Cuba. Mary has inherited a haunted castle on an isolated island and, ignoring ominous warnings and threats, decides to take possession. While there, the trio hunt for a hidden treasure and encounter a ghost, a zombie, and a mysterious killer.

Dean & Jerry’s 2nd best film

Scared Stiff  This is my 2nd favorite Martin & Lewis film, after Sailor Beware. It’s stock full of some of their best routines, and co-starring Lizabeth Scott & the legendary Carmen Miranda only add to this Classic! Bob Hope & Paulette Goddard made the original in 1941 & truly,Ghostbreakers did not need to be remade, so they changed some of the story around & created quite a kick butt musical. Although I miss Willie Best, who is always a treat in the original.

But Dean & Jerry make this one for the ages with their stage act brought to screen, as Jerry plays a waiter who accidentally spills spaghetti on a patron, and gets side swiped into performing on stage with Dean, those 3 to 5 minutes are absolutely HILARIOUS! I never got to see Dean & Jerry live as I am only 43 yrs. old, but if this scene was any reflection of their live act, it had to be awesome.

Most of the movie follows the exact same pattern as Ghostbreakers, but Dean & Jerry add much flavor as does Ms. Scott, and the musical routines with Carmen Miranda are perfect! If you want to be entertained watch this movie!

A hilarious scary movie of legendary Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis

Scared Stiff started as a general slapstick movie but suddenly the transformation occurred.Dean Martin has done wonderfully with his majestic voice and Jerry Lewis with his special nasal tone and childish simplicity draws our attention.Then suddenly the scenario changed to a murder mystery and the two buddies are drawn towards a haunted castle in a deserted island.The actions in the deserted island is quite scary as well as hilarious.Dean is simply brilliant and Jerry is really hilarious.Songs sequences sometimes seem to be used by force but the songs of legendary singer Dean Martin are all brilliant.The plot is well knit too.In one sentence,here is Dean Martin -Jerry Lewis’s plenty.I enjoyed every scenes of the movie.

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