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Sabrina Goes To Rome

Sabrina Goes To Rome

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Sabrina Goes To Rome : Storyline


Sabrina Goes To Rome  If Sabrina cannot open a mysterious antique gold locket and release the power trapped within, her Aunt Sophia will be lost forever. “The secret to the locket lies in Rome”, her father says. Sabrina heads for Italy and the Eternal City of Rome, for what was supposed to be “two cat-less weeks” to herself. Unknown to her she is accompanied by Salem who has stowed away in her backpack. Sabrina finds an unexpected roommate: Gwen, a British witch with a talking guinea pig named Stonehenge (nicknamed “Stony”). At the inn where she is staying, Sabrina learns that her Aunt Sophia was banished and trapped in the locket because she fell in love with a mortal who betrayed her and revealed to a friend that she was a witch. Later while traveling the city, she meets Paul, the gorgeous American photographer who catches her before she falls into the famous Trevi Fountain. Together, Sabrina and Gwen set out to solve the mystery of the locket. When Paul and his friend Travis witness Sabrina doing magic, while turning a walking statue to stone (that Gwen brought to life by accident) they come up with an idea to sell the story. In the end Paul doesn’t betray Sabrina, which sets Aunt Sophia free, as the locket says “Trust your heart”.

A really good movie

Sabrina goes to Rome After watching this movie, My respect for Melissa Joan Hart went up about 5 notches. I had of course seen her in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and absolutely loved it. Making a movie was the best net step you could eve imagine. This movie is one that not only shows of the story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch but the history and culture of Rome too. Gwen is also very funny i this movie as is Salem. I would say that these to characters are the ones to watch in this movie. This movie is should be seen by all major Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans and people who are interested in the magic and supernatural theme. You will have fun watching this movie.

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