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Duel of the Titans

Duel of the Titans

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Duel Of The Titans Twin half-mortal boys are placed in a basket and abandoned in a river. A she-wolf rescues and nurtures them until they are recovered by a shepherd, who brings the two boys up as his own. Twenty years later in 733 BC, Romulus and Remus now lead a band of theives against the two tyranical kings of the Sabines. When they meet their mother just before she dies, she tells them that they are destined to be the founders of a great city, called Rome.

STARS: Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi

89 min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 1961 | Color


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a pretty good one...
Well..this not the best of Steve Reeves or Gordon Scott movies, but definitely not the worse! There are plenty of worse movies outside there, so please do not judge the Italian movies in a bad way...TROY (Brad Pitt) is 1000 times much much much more worse compared to the Italian movies! Duel Of Titans is simply one of the better movies, and please check out for this one. The acting is good, the dubbed English audio is not very bad and moreover i've got a good dubbed audio for this movie! I don't know whether this movie originally use the Italian or English language..or maybe both??? No matter what kind of language they use in this movie, this is still a good movie. Good acting from both Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott, and fine storyline and plot. Not the best, but still a pretty good one. Buy it, surely you won't regret! 8/10 stars

Italian Peplum Classic with Steve REEVES, Virna LISI and Gordon SCOTT
With Steve REEVES and Gordon SCOTT, the two greatest sword and sandal film actors meet. It's about the two hostile brothers who, according to legend, were responsible for the founding of Rome. The argument escalates when the beautiful Julia (Virna LISI, Silver Palm for LA REINE MARGOT) enters the lives of the two brothers.
José GRECI and Massimo GIROTTI can also be seen in other roles. Sergio LEONE contributed to the script and was directed by Sergio CORBUCCI. 848,000 tickets were sold in West German cinemas (source: InsideKino).
One of the best sword and sandal films from the heyday of the genre!

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