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Return To Macon County

Return To Macon County

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Return To Macon County Two small-town young men, drag racer Bo and mechanic Harley, embark on a road trip from Georgia to California with the intention of entering the Grand National Championship drag races in California. But it’s not long before the innocent-minded friends realize this journey will bring them more than they bargained for. Trouble greets them in the form of a runaway waitress who insists on traveling with them, a group of high school boys who don’t like losing a street race, and a police sergeant who is determined to throw them in jail. It’s a rough road back to Macon County and if they make it–it’ll be the hard way!

See oldies as babies – Don Johnson and Nick Nolte

Return To Macon County Great nostalgic road trip for those who remember the 1950’s – Johnson is the mechanic and Nolte is the driver on their way to compete in Grand Nationals Drags in California – movie hits on all cylinders with buddy film + cool car film + new guy in town film + evil townie hoods + misguided cop + lesson learned factors all working to achieve the Fabulous Fifties mood. Two or three good female acting roles will keep the ladies interested too – as if seeing Johnson and Nolte in all their pre-hunk hottiness won’t attract them anyway. The Don Johnson drag racing scene rivals the James Dean scene in Rebel without a Cause. Soundtrack is superb. This film will appeal to anyone interested in hot rods from the 1950’s–1960’s up to the 1970’s.

Never a dull moment!

This was one I watched fifty times on late-70’s cable. This movie never lets up for a second as it’s filled with great action, pretty girls, great 50’s music and bad dialogue. Not to mention a young Nick Nolte and Don Johnson! How can you go wrong? The car is incredible too, I used to think the “extra juice” they’d give it during drag races was the wildest thing. The crazy cop is hilarious. I used to look for “sail rabbits” after seeing this one haha. Not to be missed, especially by car fans of fans of films set in the 50’s.

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