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Porky's Revenge

Porky's Revenge

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Porky’s Revenge  Meat, an Angel Beach high school student, picks up a shapely girl when she appears to have broken down by the side of the road; he is, however, shocked when her face doesn’t match her figure. Not only that, she turns out to be the daughter of Porky, who has re-opened his nightclub in a Mississippi riverboat. Is this Porky’s opportunity for revenge, or will the Angel Beach crowd outwit him once again?

User Reviews

Funny, and better than the second film

Porky’s Revenge  The final film of the Porky’s trilogy is clearly the better of the two sequels. It ignores the next day plot of the second film and goes back to direct raunchiness that made the first film so successful. However, the story should have put them in a different setting such as college, since the actors portraying the high school seniors were well into the late 20’s early 30’s by the time the third film was made. Overall, it is good comedy compared to the other films that were made in the mid 80’s.


Oh Yeah!!!, What a finish!

Porky’s Revenge, is simply the best end to this trillogy hands down.! This is one smart way to finish the series, although ignoring the next day senario of Porky’s 2.

All the gang is back, just scheming away, with their usual tricks. With a chain of events that lead to the most outragously funny climaxs of cinema.

Porkys and Porkys Revenge are the movie viewings, with stacks of goodies on a lame movie night, this will certainly provide some spark.

10/10: This and Porkys should become classics.

better than the second, up there with the first, classic comedy

So the third installment of the porky’s trilogy, should be the worst, but it’s actually a big improvement on the second installment. the gang are back minus a couple of characters, but like i said in my review of the second movie, there were simply too many characters to write for, hence the movie not being as funny as the first. don’t worry though, the movie is much funnier, and raunchier, and is much more in spirit with the original than the second one was. the set pieces are bigger, the laughs better, and even though it loses 2 of the characters from the first 2, it really doesn’t matter, because it makes the movie funnier, porkys 3 is another must see movie, that delivers everything the second movie should of, i highly recommend this movie to fans of the original

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