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Our Mother's Murder DVD

Our Mother's Murder DVD

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Our Mother’s Murder, Fact-based true crime story about the murder of publishing heiress Anne Scripps Douglas who, in 1989, married a young hunk who eventually killed her.

A lesson to be learned.

Our Mother’s Murder, This movie really touched my heart. I know so many women who have been abused and they believe men change, and they don’t. This is one of those situations that will never go away and women need to realize that. I cried almost all the way through the movie cause it was just sad the way Scott treated her. I think if I were Anne’s daughter, I would have killed him. Because deep inside, little by little, he was killing her before he actually did. Women, if you are being abused, please, watch this movie and learn, or you too will wind up dead.

Based on the true story of Anne Scripps Douglas

Our Mother’s Murder, This film is excellent. Roxanne Hart does an excellent job portraying Ms. Scripps, who was actually murdered by her husband in the mid 90’s.

Holly Marie Combs and Sarah Chalke portray Alex and Annie Morrel, Anne’s daughters. The Scripps family-(Just think of publishing, NY and their estate in Bronxville, NY) is an old money establishment, and James Wilder portrays Scott Douglas, Anne’s new suitor, who eventually marries the unsuspecting Scripps.

Apparently, she did not realize the extent of his capacity for abuse and violence. Perhaps it started as verbal abuse. Douglas seems to resent Anne’s life of privilege, though she is a loving mother and wife. He embarrasses her in front of friends, degrades her, and spends his days drinking, while living in her mansion.

Outstanding Performances in Our Mother’s Murder

The performances in this film are very good, particularly Roxanne Hart, who is simply a wealthy,lonely woman, marries a younger man, and becomes the victim. She is sympathetic yet believable. Holly Marie Combs is also excellent, as the daughter who fights back, and sees the predicament her mother is in.

This is a decent film which realistically portrays the covert world of spousal abuse. Watch it and you will be interested in learning the true story.

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