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Mister Cory

Mister Cory

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Mister Cory  Cory, an ambitious Chicago slum kid with a knack for gambling, gets a busboy job at a posh Wisconsin resort…where his real purpose is to gamble with the staff and guests and romance rich young ladies. Setbacks follow, but Cory eventually rises to a high position in the world of professional gambling. But he just can’t forget the glamorous Vollard sisters. And now he has even farther to fall…

Mr. Cory Climbs the Ladder of Success

Mister Cory  I love this movie! Curtis plays it to the hilt. You see him scheming, you see him analyzing, you see him schmoozing & it all works. Leaving the slums behind & wanting a girl who’s out of his league (but not her sister, who’s clearly in love w/him), Mr. Cory creates a name for himself as the business-guy of a gambling house where said rich girl can cavort with him under wraps whilst still keeping up appearances. When Curtis sees the real deal with her, he lets her have it, but good! She deserves it. She actually makes HIM feel cheap when she’s really the one who’s worth nothing! See this for Mr. Curtis’ snappy style & how great he looks in a suit! He’s usually such a talker in his films. In this, you can SEE him thinking & it all works.

Bernie Schwartz, as Cory, finds out the Lady is a Tramp


Too bad Mister Cory isn’t given a first name; he deserved one…especially when expertly portrayed by Mr. Tony Curtis.

About the time this film was done, in 1957, Curtis was gaining rapid momentum in what would become a memorable career. “Mister Cory” was bookcased by excellent mid/latter Fifties’ Curtis films such as “Trapeeze”, “The Vikings”, “The Defiant Ones”, “The Sweet Smell of Success”, “Kings Go Forth” and “Operation Petticoat.” Each of these Curtis efforts received critical acclaim…particularly “The Defiant Ones,” for which he won an Oscar nomination, and “Sweet Smell of Success”, for which he should have been nominated.

“Mister Cory” rarely is listed among Curtis’ major early efforts. It should be. It is a real “sleeper.” The actor, and those around him here, lift the film multiple steps above its melodramatic flavor, into the realm of something quite riveting.

The Fountainhead

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