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Love with a Perfect Stranger

Love with a Perfect Stranger

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Love with a Perfect Stranger, Beautiful wealthy American businesswoman meets eccentric Irishman on an Italian train, who sets out to woo her. What ensues is something neither imagined happening.

Uptight American businesswoman meets quirky, eccentric Irishman!

Love with a Perfect Stranger,  I saw this movie and I LOVED it. From the moment I saw Hugo De Lacey (Daniel Massey), I loved him. Loved his sense of humor and dry wit. Daniel Massey delivers most of the humor in this movie, and he does it well. He also speaks Italian with such ease that the viewer wonders if he truly knows the language (no stutters or simple phrases – we’re talking complicated dialogue w/flawless accent). At first, he comes across as a “kook” but as the movie progresses, he emerges as quite the romantic leading man. Marilu Henner is wonderful as Victoria, a widow who now treats her very successful business like a marriage to minimize her loneliness. She’s made no plans to fall in love, but by accident, meets Hugo and her life won’t ever be the same.

This is one of my favorite romantic movies – lighthearted, sweet, and definitely worth watching again. I still watch it when I get the chance. In fact, I purchased it before watching it and haven’t regretted it. The scenery is wonderful, taking the viewer through Florence. Now I am convinced there IS such a thing as “Love at first sight.”

Great romantic movie

Love with a Perfect Stranger, I watched this movie on TV and videotaped it, my VHS tape is now plenty of scratches because of the many many times i watched the movie.

It was my favorite romance movie when i was 14 and now that i am 28 i still loving this movie in spite of haven’t seen it for 10 years more or less. I am planing to buy the VHS, unfortunately is not on DVD.

I discovered recently this was a harlequin book who was made movie, and that disappointed me a little, because it’s seems to be housewife’s kind of movies.

I don’t care really I really like the movie and love Hugo De Lacey no matter how not good looking guy the actor was.

A nice and romantic movie for all those who need a little romantic hope on an evening.


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