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Lemon Popsicle 5 : Baby Love

Lemon Popsicle 5 : Baby Love

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Lemon Popsicle 5 : Baby Love  Benny falls in love with his best friend’s little sister. They hide it from her brother, who is trying to protect her.

Great film, even beats the original!

Rated R for Sexual Content,Nudity and Some Language

Lemon Popsicle 5 : Baby Love  Baby Love is the fifth film in the Lemon Popsicle series.Lemon Popsicle is a teen sex comedy/drama series from Isreal.There have been nine films in the series and one spin off film.You can find the first five films in their entirety on youtube.I really enjoyed the first three films but I found the fourth one to be much disappointing.The fifth one however may be the best film in the series(either this or Lemon Popsicle 2 is the best in my opinion).The fourth one was a bit funny but had very little drama.Baby Love brings back the drama and is much funnier than the others.The film is about Benji who falls in love with Bobby’s sister while getting into sexual misadventures with his friends.Baby Love is a very good teen comedy and it is one of the best films in the lemon popsicle series.

Israeli graffiti

Wait, so “Roman Za’ir” (“Baby Love” in English) is part of a series? I had literally never heard of the “Lemon Popsicle” series until I read about this movie on IMDb. But that doesn’t diminish the movie. Watching it, I was laughing out loud and singing along with the soundtrack. It looks like the sort of movie that they really had fun making. Having never seen any of the other entries in the series, I can’t compare this one to them. All that I can say is that Benji and his friends live life to the fullest. It’s basically “American Graffiti” set in Israel, and it’s a really good time. Rock ‘n roll lives forever!

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