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Indecent Seduction aka For My Daughter's Honor

Indecent Seduction aka For My Daughter's Honor

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Indecent Seduction aka For My Daughter’s Honor  In Tate, Oklahoma a popular coach, Pete Nash, is accused of having a sexual relation with 14 years old Amy, one of his school’s pupils. She was young, lovely, and innocent…until she met him.

saw this last night

I saw this movie last night on Lifetime movies and it is getting ready to come on again in a hour or so. The movie kind of reminded me of my crush I had on a coach, although I was in college and nothing like that happened. I can honestly feel the frustrations on the “feelings” she had and even his. Although it was all together wrong. I am married to an older man, but I was already in my late 20s when it started. One thing if this guy was “in love” with her, he should of divorced his wife and waited until she was of age. However he was just sick minded and wanted a young piece and needed help. He should of backed away when she said she wanted it over. He, being an adult and a teacher should of been the mature one and not let this crush get to him. Crushes happen all the time with students towards their teachers. I had crushes on teachers in Jr. High (and then later to a coach but like I said, in college), but thank God none of them took advantage of me like that. Teachers and coaches and other adults should expect this, and know where the line is drawn. Great movie and the actors did a great job!

Indecent Seduction (For My Daughter’s Honor)

Very thought provoking, without being overly sexually explicit. At 16, Amy is unusually overly innocent. She would be menstruating, therefore would have some knowledge of sex. However, the teacher (coach Nash) being a known paedophile should not have been allowed to teach. He had already had a ‘run in’ with the school over a previous relationship the year before with another female student. The school were aware of his preoccupation with female students and should have been keeping an eye on him, plus he should have been reported the previous year. His sentence was incredibly light. Amy’s parents handled the situation well, the school failed them, the other students failed her. Amy gets my vote for her determination to see justice prevail.

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