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In the Line Of Duty : Twilight Murders

In the Line Of Duty : Twilight Murders

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In the Line Of Duty : Twilight Murders  Gordon Kahl is man who feels that the U.S. government doesn’t care about the American farmer, so he retaliates by not paying taxes. He would be sent to prison and upon being released, his views have not changed. He encourages anyone who is having trouble not to pay taxes. He also joins a paramilitary and a white supremacy group. When the FBI learns of this, they try to arrest Kahl but Kahl, armed, doesn’t want to go, and when the Feds don’t let him go, he kills most of them. He then goes on the run and it’s up to the FBI agent to headed the operation to find Kahl, and anyone else who may have been involved.

Outstanding performance by Rod Steiger ………

In the Line Of Duty : Twilight Murders  hether In the Line Of Duty : Twilight Murders is an accurate depiction of the pursuit of hateful fugitive Gordon Kohl doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this powerful film is immensely entertaining. Rod Steiger gives an outstanding performance as Kohl, while Michael Gross playing F.B.I. Agent Richard Maberly, is a relentless pursuer of justice. Deluded into thinking that killing two U.S. Marshals was an act of self defense, Kohl goes on the run, aided somewhat by sympathetic South Dakota locals. The movie is exciting from start to finish, with great rural locations, and an eerie bird call like soundtrack. The final shootout only confirms that there really were no winners in this film.

A cold,effective thriller

Rod Steiger plays one of the worst neo-nazi criminals ever brought to screen and also one of the most dangerous and maniacal ones.I dont know if this is based on true events,but it is a very realistic movie. Michael Gross plays the FBI agent that is hunting on Steiger,but cant stop him from attacking a few innocent colored victims before he is finally gunned down in a frenzied shootout with the FBI.

I found this movie quite effective as well as realistic.This could have easily been a documentary from the way it looks and feels while you are watching it.Documentary or a movie,it would be as good and useful anyway.Useful because it makes us see what the Aryan movement is all about and what kind of men stand behind it.Lunatics,simply put.Gross makes a great performance and manages not to get completely overshadowed by the brilliant Steiger,which does one of his last powerful performances here.All in all,a piece of work to be admired and taken seriously.Which is pretty hard not to.

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