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In A Child's Name

In A Child's Name

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In A Child’s Name  A true story about a woman who fights her brother-in-law’s parents for custody of her deceased sister’s baby upon learning that her brother-in-law murdered her sister.

The best movie I’ve seen

In A Child’s Name  I think this movie is one of my most favorite movies on lifetime. I have seen it about 3 or 4 times on lifetime and always wondered when they will release it on DVD. I am amazed how Valerie Bertinelli played a grieving sister who wants to put away her sisters husband and also get custody of her sisters son. She is a wonderful actress, who wont let nothing or no one in her way of getting what should be done. The law enforcers also played a good deed for the grieving family. This movie shows how the law works sometimes, and as for Valerie Bertinelli’s character, she did not stop til she and her family won all the way. This movie will have you teary-eyed and thinking how a person could do this to his wife and have his parents believe what he said. I think his family should serve time for helping their son. After you see this movie, you will still think about this movie, you will talk about this movie to your friends. I admire everyone who played in this movie and think they are good actors and actresses.

Wonderful Movie

This is a wonderful made for TV movie that I would highly recommend. It is a tearjerker, so be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy. All though it is long (four hours with commercials) it is worth watching every moment of it over and over again. Valerie Bertinelli’s portrayal of a grieving sister is one that should have gotten her at least a nomination for an award, if not won it. The supporting cast is amazing in ever sense of the word as well. This movie cannot be truly appreciated unless you’ve seen it with your own two eyes. In A Child’s Name manages to tap every emotion known to man–sadness, anger, fear and joy. It is certainly a movie that will instantly become a favorite.

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The dvd would not play in a regular dvd player or a region free/universal dvd player.