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Imperial Venus

Imperial Venus

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Imperial Venus  This loose biopic relates the adult life of Paolina (Paulette), the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. She is portrayed as a willful, yet impulsive woman, through her marriages and scandals, through the heights and depths of Napoleon’s life

Drama much like Queen Margot

Imperial Venus  The correlations between this movie and “Queen Margot” are unmistakable. Yet these are different historic episodes with related themes. The royal princess figure who makes sexual conquests and in the thick of it all, remains faithful to virtues outside the bedroom. This film skips over the exciting parts, focusing on bedroom scenes and non action sequences. The action sequences are merely explained, or brought into being without being shown. For instance, the battle scenes are never shown, but the death and destruction that follows is filmed. There are a few shots of carnage after the battle is over. This does make for some boring cinema, but directors want to keep under budget, and battle scenes are costly. However, the action could easily have been implied in a more passionate way, and more carnage scenes would have helped move the movie along. Napoleon’s sister, who is the “Imperial Venus” here, is a reasonably likable character, and lets not forget how beautiful the legendary actress is, so she does bear watching. The affairs are usually with handsome men, which makes it hard to relate to with sexually active American women of today, who instead prefer homelier guys they think they can use and have power over. Still, it is amusing to see Stephen Boyd’s smirkish face as he romps through this film. All the actors do a fine job, which is all that keeps this film from severe boredom. Not an exciting movie, but there are a variety of characters well portrayed. Could be a movie to watch with a romantic interest.

War and Peace

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