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He Touched Me

He Touched Me

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He Touched Me It’s just the great Elvis singing his favorite music…Gospel music during concerts and with his backup musicians after concerts. Awesome!!! Real!! Raw energy!!

Inspirational witness of the love of gospel music.

He Touched Me,  Presley Veteran journalist Sander Vanocur hosts this documentary that chronicles the influences of gospel music in the life of Elvis Presley. The renowned “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” grew up in church and at a very early age influenced by the sounds he heard and impressed with the preachers he saw. Gospel music played a big part in shaping his spiritual life as well as his unmatched recording career. This documentary is filled with personal stories by many who knew him well; and who worked in recording studios and were part of his concerts. There is also the influences Elvis himself had on gospel performers; and the fact that the three Grammy Awards bestowed on Elvis were for gospel recordings. Just a few of those featured(some by archive footage) in this glimpse at the spiritual side of Elvis and his music: Joe Moscheo, Gordon Stoker, J.D. Sumner, Ray Walker, James Blackwood, Jake Hess, Rev. Rex Humbard, Richard Sterban and Joe Guercio.

More than three dozen of Elvis’ gospel songs and never-before-seen footage. A few of the songs featured: “Bosom of Abraham”, “Mansion Over The Hilltop”, “Amazing Grace”, “Peace In The Valley”, “How Great Thou Art”, “I, John”, “Farther Along”, “Without Him”, “His Hand In Mine”, “Where Could I Go” and “He Touched Me”.


He Touched Me, This documentary, spread over really generous two DVD set, covers almost all aspects of this private face of King: it has nice introduction from journalist Sander Vanocur and tons of interviews with people who knew him back than, including singers and musicians who worked with him closely in studio and concerts, people who are still visibly fascinated with him after all these years and who all claim that off-stage Presley was often funny, sensitive, generous and spiritual person who knew Gospel music much better than anybody around and who, with all his mega-stardom was excited as a kid to sing together with his Gospel idol J.D.Sumner. Interesting idea: because of his phenomenal success, he was unable to attend church services (and basically to live normal civilian life) so being so cut off from reality, he used Gospel music as his own personal way of communication with God. Watching him on a concert stages, completely lost in this music (and giving generous spotlight to his backing musicians who sometimes sang solo without him) and truly enjoying Gospel, I have no doubts this is where his heart was.

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