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Girls' Night

Girls' Night

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Girls’ Night  Two British best friends and in-laws Dawn and Jackie work together at a factory. When Dawn is diagnosed with a brain tumor Jackie shares $100,000 she’s got from her secret lover with Dawn to fulfil her dream – a visit to Las Vegas. They buy two tickets and fly there..

A Strong Little Film

Girls’ Night  Though we have seen many such films before, in ‘Girl’s Night’, director Hurran and TV writer Mellor combine several ideas such as financial trouble, sickness, work in a factory, secrets, Las Vegas, marriage, family and of course love and friendship. Though it may seem like too many ideas, it comes together beautifully, resulting in a powerful ending. What makes the film strong is the natural performances by Julie Walters and Brenda Blethyn. Walters shows the growth of her character with élan while Blethyn, though her role is a bit clichéd, plays her part with grace. Their friendship looks very real thanks to the great chemistry between these two terrific actresses. I also liked the sudden shift in location from England to Las Vegas and the contrast between the two cities. The introduction of Kristofferson’s character comes as a pleasant surprise and the desert scene that follows brings some colour. I also like how comedy was used in a very subtle way. However, next to being predictable, it is a very sentimental film (which isn’t hard to figure given the core subject matter) and in parts resembles a disease-of-the-week TV movie. The supporting cast, that includes some popular names, is wasted. What really elevates it is the strong performances of the two leads. All the moments with Blethyn and Walters and the ending when Walters’s character comes to a realization are what make ‘Girl’s Night’ worth the watch.

A magical film.

I would say there is something magical about this film, but I’d be lying, everything about Girl’s Night is magic. The story is sad, heart felt, heart warming, and gritty in a real life way. The combination of Julie Walters and Brenda Blethyn is jaw dropping on paper, and they perform outstandingly well together. Kay Mellor in my eyes can do no wrong, and this is another example of her at her best. The mix of the Northern working class environment, and glitz of Las Vegas makes for a great contrast. Even after all these years I can’t watch it with a dry eye. Emotionally engaging and moving, this is truly a class act. It’s a shame that we don’t seem to be getting TV dramas like this anymore.

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