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Fury Of The Dragon

Fury Of The Dragon

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Fury Of The Dragon  Several episodes of the 1966 TV series “The Green Hornet” edited together and released as a feature.

100 Times Better Than The First “Movie”

Fury Of The Dragon  This time they got it right! In 1976 they edited together more footage from the short lived 1960s Green Hornet series and turned out something that is BETTER and more action-packed than the television series!

The shining moment is the episode The Ray Is For Killing (the more cartoon-ish episode about the killer laser beam). This tale highlights the three things I like about The Green Hornet series: the fights, The Black Beauty and the pumping Billy May music!

Granted, the editing of “Fury” is a bit all over the place, but I can forgive that. All in all, this is just a cool action movie from my favourite studio, 20th Century Fox!

This movie was the 2nd Green Hornet film released

Stars Van Williams as the Green Hornet & Bruce Lee as Kato.Features episodes Trouble for Prince Charming, Secret of the Sally Bell, The Ray Is for Killing, Bad Bet on a 459-Silent.

These are some of my favorite Hornet epics! Features plenty of action,with the Green Hornet up against gangsters, crooked cops,double crossing eliteist officials from Kahara, Conman/Thief who uses a laser gun.

Black Beauty is utilized in these episodes as well!

Great 1960’s action!

When Bruce Lee passed in 1973, 2 films were pieced together in an attempt to cash in on Bruce Lee mania via splicing together some of Lee’s best moments from the Green Hornet series, and thus making 2 90 min. “Bruce Lee films” to the joy of those who were anxious for more Bruce Lee footage. The first was entitled “Green Hornet”, the second was entitled, oddly enough, “Fury of the Dragon.”

What we have here is the official sequel to the first 90 minute Green Hornet feature. An identical approach in that the production is made up of various scenes from the Green Hornet tv series…and the result? In spite of some good moments and fond memories of watching Bruce Lee get down as a superhero and hearing his REAL voice, we’re left with 90 minutes of awkward splicing together of stories that don’t blend. I even recall seeing a few fight scenes from the 1st movie. If you ask me, what we have here is a shadow of what was to come in 1978…20th Century Fox’s butchering of Bruce Lee’s Game of Death. The only difference was that they spliced together footage alone as opposed to throwing in an unconvincing double with 10 minutes of real footage. Either way, this one’s a keeper for die hard Bruce Lee fans, one that’ll be worth lots in the near future. But yet aqnd still, I have to call Green Hornet vol. 1 and Fury of the Dragon(Green Hornet vol. 2) what it is…BRUCEPLOITATION nonetheless.

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