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Fraulein Doktor

Fraulein Doktor

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Fraulein Doktor, In WW1,German intelligence sends a team of saboteurs and a female spy to Scotland to kill Lord Kitchener.Also,German intelligence sends another team of spies to Allied headquarters in Belgium to steal the secret Allied defense plans.German female spy, known as Fraulein Doktor, is tasked with stealing the new mustard gas formula from its French female inventor.The German army plans to use the new French mustard gas on the battlefield during the upcoming German offensive against the Allied armies.

Excellent, rarely seen WW1 spy thriller

Fraulein Doktor, After watching the rather sloppy WW1 spy thriller, Madam Lili (1969)starring Julie Andrews on tv this afternoon, I suddenly thought I had seen a far superior WW1 spy thriller. All I could remember was that it was produced by Dino De Laurentis. It only took a short search on IMDB to find Fraulein Doktor. Once I recognised the title the memories came flooding back. It is, for its time, a reasonably well crafted story revolving around true events such as the death of Kitchener and the German offensives of 1918.It also has a female spy who is much more believable than Julie Andrews! As with other reviewers the first and strongest memory was of the well produced battle scenes and of men and horses in gas masks. If you have an interest in war films and particularly WW1 it is a film well worth seeing if you have the opportunity.

Whatever happened to Suzy Kendall?

 Like other people who commented on “Fräulein Doktor” I stumbled by chance upon this little gem on late-night TV without having heard of it before. The strange mixture of a pulp fiction story about a sexy but unscrupulous anti-heroine on the one hand and a realistic and well-researched portrayal of war in the trenches on the other hand had me hooked from the beginning.

To me this is one of the five best movies about WWI (the others are “All Quiet On The Western Front”, “Paths Of Glory”, “Gallipoli” and the post-war “La vie et rien d’autre”). And the scene with the poison gas attack is really chilling; the horses and men appear like riders of the apocalypse with their gas masks.

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