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For Roseanna

For Roseanna

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Roseanna is dying of a heart condition, and all she wants is to be buried next to her daughter, in a cemetery that is getting full fast. The cemetery can’t expand because Capestro, the man who owns the land next to the cemetery, won’t sell. While Marcello is doing good deeds to make sure no one dies, Roseanna thinks of Marcello’s future.

A superb, classy, tragic comedy


For Roseanna, This film is one of those wonderful hidden gems that restore your faith in both film making and storytelling.The opening premise is that a mans’wife is soon to die from an incurable disease and that her last wish is to be buried in the village church graveyard. Unfortunately there is just one plot left!

Naturally there are a number of other villagers even closer to deaths’ door.The husband, Marcello,is brilliantly played by Jean Reno. He delivers a virtuoso performance which carries the film dashing around saving the lives of other villagers in order that his wife can secure the last plot! Part romantic comedy, part farce, part love story, part tragedy, this superbly crafted tale had me laughing and holding back a tear in equal measure.

The farce scenes rival Feydeau at his best in the likes of ‘Hotel Paradiso’, slapstick with style. Yet Reno as Marcelo, ably assisted by his comic “sraight” partner, Mercedes Ruehl as his wife Roseanna, also produces a pathos for the tragic circumstances which underscore his credentials as a very fine actor.Unmissable. A real treat.

A great romance


One of the best love stories of the past several decades. It is warm, touching and funny as well. The depiction of small Italian village life is very well done.

The supporting cast is very good but kudos go to Reno and Ruehl. They are great, and very charming. They were able to make the audience feel the love and passion they had for each other without the gratuitous spit-swapping and sweaty bed scenes that pass for love in most movies today. Every husband would love Ruehl’s reply to Reno when he asks Ruehl why she married him and she says, “You touched my soul.” I should be so lucky.

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