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Elvis Presley - Best of the Best

Elvis Presley - Best of the Best

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Elvis Presley – Best of the Best  Very rare T.V special from NBC recorded just after Elvis returned from the Army. Elvis’s star had waned after years of mediocre films and poor management. This live T.V appearance shot Elvis back to the top as the “King”. It has 30 of Elvis’s best songs. A must for any true Elvis fan.

Track List – 1.Trouble 2.Guitar Man 3.Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 4.Baby What You Want Me To Do 5.Heartbreak Hotel 6.Hound Dog 7.All Shook Up 8.Can’t Help Falling In Love 9.Jailhouse Rock 10.Don’t Be Crue 11.Love Me Tender 12.Gospel Medley(Sometines I Fell Like A Motherless Child/Where Could I Go But to the Lord/Up Above My head/ I Found That Light Saved) 13.That’s All Right 14.Tiger Man 15.Trying To Get To You 16.Baby, What You Want Me To Do (reprise) 17.One Night(with you) 18.Memories 19.Nothingsville 20.Guitar Man(reprise) 21.Let Yourselt Go 22.Guitar Man(reprise) 23.Big Boss Man 24.It Hurts Me 25.Guitar Man(reprise) 26.Little Egypt 27.Trouble(reprise 28.Guitar Man(reprise) 29.If I Can Dreams 30.Closing Credits

9/10 Great

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