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Dreams Lost Dreams Found

Dreams Lost Dreams Found

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Dreams Lost Dreams Found  A young American widow is mysteriously drawn to a historic castle in the Scottish Highlands…and finds herself at the center of a 200-year old ghost story.

Lost and Found

Dreams Lost Dreams Found  I came across this movie by accident one day and am pleased to say that I actually liked it. Sarah McAllister(played by Kathleen Quinlan)is finding it hard to deal with her husband’s sudden death and is encouraged by friends to change her environment. After having a strange dream about a castle located in Scotland that she saw in a real estate ad, she decides to buy the castle( Uhh, how many people actually have enough money to buy a castle). When she gets herself settled, she is invited to a costume party where she meets Ross. The lovers have to overcome a lot of obstacles before they can be together(Sara’s mistrust, a ghost, jealous woman). There were A LOT of clichés in this movie, but if you like harlequin books, this should be no surprise to you.

Surprisingly good movie

Don’t be fooled because this is a Harlequin Romance, I was going to pass it by for that reason. I am glad to say I took a chance on this charming tale of love and intrigue. Kathleen Quinlan and David Robb do an excellent job of bringing the script together and making it believable. If you are a product of anything newer than 1990, you may not find this old fashioned love story to your liking. The contrast to todays explicit scenes, makes this a viewing pleasure. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly and have watched it several times. Take a chance you may find yourself enjoying the time you spend watching. There are several good solid performances in the supporting cast. The Scottish scenery and the chance to be taken into a real Scottish Castle are worth the watch alone.

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