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Deep In My Heart

Deep In My Heart

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Deep In My Heart  Biographic movie about the American composer Sigmund Romberg. M-G-M’s Finest Musical in Color

(Almost) completely forgotten Broadway musical genius !

Deep In My Heart  If you doubt the summary comment, ask a few of your friends under the age of 55 if they’ve heard of Sigmund Romberg (Sigmund who)? Since I took piano lessons as a kid – I did – yet when I stumbled upon this film in my local library I thought “when did this come out” (I was in the service overseas at the time). I was totally blown away by the musical score and the performances. By the way, this is about the only musical film I’ve seen structured as a Broadway musical play – overture through finale. The last number of the first act, so the speak, was Jane Powell and Vic Damone singing “Will you Remember” from “Maytime”. This show was such a success a second company opened across the street – only time in Broadway history!

See for yourself, then try to find “The Student Prince” and watch that – and listen. He composed about 600 or 700 songs for Broadway. By the way, did you know Gene Kelly had a song and dance man brother? You’ll see them together the only time in “Deep in my Heart”

The least pretentious but the best written, acted and directed of the musical biopics,


This was the last of the musical biographies made in Hollywood.

They had falsified the lives of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, so they looked up Sigmund Romberg, whose old fashioned but very sweet music had been lost in silly librettos. Note that his musical shows have not been revived in decades. But MGM put this biography in the capable hands of screen writer Leonard Spigelglass, who decided to tell the true but simple story with a tongue-in-cheek approach, and of first rate director Stanley Donen, who made miracles chiefly by employing a cast of people who really knew how to act. Especially Jose Ferrer. The result is a movie that manages to ring true, and not a sleep-inducing hit parade. Romberg was a composer for the twenties, full of viennese nostalgia like Friml and Herbert. None of them could survive the jazz invasion of the musical comedy, but their songs are always popular, naturally out of their theatrical context. Deep in my Heart deserves to be seen.The songs are still highly enjoyable, and Donen, Spigelglass, Ferrer and the rest of the cast gave their best to the film.

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