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Danny  A young girl who loves horses works at a rich man’s stable. He buys a grey horse named Danny for his daughter to show in, but Danny turns out to need some preparation for he can be shown. When others lose faith in Danny, the young girl’s love and confidence hold firm. A heartwarming story for the whole family

What little girls dream of all night…

Danny  I haven’t seen the movie in a few years but I still remember the first time I saw it – and fell in love with it! Kids today are so used to the high dollar productions that they may not find it as interesting but you put it on for a horse crazy little girl and she will be transfixed! Girls dream of getting a horse against the odds and that is just what Jamie does! It is so enduring! And don’t let people tell you it can’t happen in real life! I begged for a pony for years, had to pay my own way, and then begged to be able to show(once again finding my own way). That movie is the reason I ride English today! I even taught my Shetland to jump at the age of 23 so that I could imagine myself in some big jumping competition! This is what little girls dreams are made of! And we all like to see brats put in their place so there’s some fun for the older people too! The effort Jamie’s mother’s boyfriend makes to gain her friendship is also touching, he’s so sweet trying to be there but not take her dad’s place. I think as long as you’re not expecting more than a 70’s movie the parents can really enjoy it too. The story is all about defying the odds and proving yourself. It demonstrates clearly what happens when you really treat an animal with love – they return it. What happens when you work hard and stick to it – responsibly has it’s rewards! I will defiantly have my girls watch it someday, and I’ll be right there beside them.

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