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Crown for Christmas

Crown for Christmas

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Crown for Christmas  Allie Evans is a maid who just lost her job at a hotel for not getting a client’s room prepared in time. She is then hired by a man named Fergus (who is working for a hotel patron that overheard what happened to her) where he invites her to the European country of Winshire to work as a governess for his employer. Upon arrival, Allie discovers that Fergus’ boss is King Maximillian and meets his daughter Theodora who had been terrorizing other authority figures since the untimely death of her mother the Queen of Winshire. As Allie bonds with Theodora while getting acquainted to the other servants and Chancellor Riggs, she learns that King Maximillian is scheduled to be wed to Countess Celia.

One Of The Better Ones!


Crown for Christmas  Christmas movies can be really stupid and schmaltzy and most of them I can’t stand.

I ended up looking for something to watch this afternoon and came across this movie and decided to give it a try.

This was very well done. Yes, you have some typical things going on that many feel good happy-ending type movies have in common, but this is one of the ones to not miss.

Great cast all-around with great casting nods especially to the actor who played the king and the actor who portrayed his executive assistant.

Even though you see many similar things in the story line that can be found in other similar films, this one was a bit more complex and well rounded and just overall, well done.

I enjoyed this very much and will probably watch again. Loved it!!!

I love, love, love this movie

Some of the other reviews are talking about how similar it is to other movies but let me tell you. I cried my eyes out, so beware! It was an amazing movie! Definitely my new favorite so to say at the least I highly recommend this movie! It is a great movie to watch with family or even just your significant other. This is the first Christmas hallmark that I’ve watched that I have actually fell in love with and cried so much with. I believe the creators chose the perfect people for all the roles as well. I do hope there is a second movie to this that can explore not only the main characters lives but as for the help as well. I would love to explain that, but I don’t want to spoil this movie for anyone

Christmas In Boston

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