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Colt 45

Colt 45

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Colt 45  Gun salesman Steve Farrell gets two of his new Colt .45 pistols stolen from him by ruthless killer Jason Brett and vows to recover them as Brett and his gang leave behind wake of robbery and murder throughout the territory. When Farrell recovers a stagecoach carrying gold and brings it back to town, he is made a deputy but unknown to him the sheriff is on league with the outlaws as is Paul and Beth Donovan, an apparently clean-cut young couple with ambitions for quick wealth. Although the town members are apathetic toward helping Steve, he gets plenty of assistance from Walking Bear, an Indian chief grateful that Steve saved his life.

Worthwhile B western

Colt 45  Yes its just a routine B western. But its above average and worth your viewing time.

The villain is a rotten creep as portrayed by Zachary Scott. Randolph Scott is of course stalwart and solid in the lead role. Lloyd Bridges provides solid support.

But I really like this film because Ruth Roman is not your typical pretty b-western actress here. She is tough, forceful, physical and believable as well as very beautiful. She really pops in Technicolor wearing that fringe buckskin. Absolutely gorgeous and she out-acts every male in the movie.

The immortal Stanley Andrews, the stentorian-voiced ultimate Sheriff of all Western movies and later TV’s Death Valley Days, contributes his dignified screen presence.

This film is a triumph of great casting over what could otherwise be routine.

Classic action western

Colt.45 is a classic action western with comic strip heroics. It’s not meant to be a serious western but a rip roaring shoot ’em up. The plotting is superb with great characters. I love it when the Indian chief says: ‘indians can be so quiet.’ Zachary Scott is a real slimy villain whose tendencies borders on psychotic. The way his cheek just twitches and he cold-bloodedly shoots Lloyd bridges is great. Randolph Scott is in fine form here and i always preferred his pre-Boeticher westerns. His warner Bro. stuff was exciting and lacking in the long drawn out talk his Boeticher westerns seemed to have. Colt.45 is a fine example of the kind of westerns i love and i can say with sadness that they unfortunately don’t make it like ’em afore.’

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