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Cheyenne Warrior

Cheyenne Warrior

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Cheyenne Warrior As war is brewing between the Union and the Confederacy, Matthew and Rebecca are travelling west to start a new life in Oregon. Along the way, they stop at a remote trading post, where they meet up with some Cheyenne Indians. Though the Cheyenne are friendly toward the pioneers, Matthew doesn’t like them and warns a group of hunters that hostile Indians are preparing for an attack. In the confrontation that results, only Rebecca and a single wounded Cheyenne warrior named Hawk are left alive. As the winter closes in, and the two are forced to rely on each other for survival, they begin to understand and even feel affection for each other.

I loved this movie

This is a sweet, gentle love story that really tugs at the heart strings. Kelly Preston and Pato Hoffman are excellent in their roles as a pioneer woman and Cheyenne warrior who cross paths in unexpected ways. The affection between them seemed genuine and it appeared as though the actors had a lot of respect for one another. I also really like Dan Haggerty and he played a lovable guy, as always.

This movie reminded me of a good romance novel that you curl up with in front of a roaring fire on a cold night. It has a warm, cozy feel to it and you don’t want it to end. There is a lot of beautiful mountain scenery and enough action to keep it interesting. I really enjoyed this film and gave it 8 stars.

A wonderful story about love and trust.

Cheyenne Warrior is one of the best movies I have seen. It is a story of people who meet and are different and learn to trust and like each other and then fall in love. There is plenty of action is the movie as well as romance. Frankie Avina has a small role in the movie. He is “Crazy Buffalo”. He is angry over the death of his brother and blames the “white woman”. He is so intense in playing this part. He is really great to watch.

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