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Carry On Spying

Carry On Spying

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Carry On Spying  A top secret chemical formula has been stolen by STENCH (the Society for the Total Extinction of Non-Conforming Humans), and so Agent Simpkins and his three trainees are hot on the trail, chasing the villains across the world. There are gadgets galore, and disguises are compulsory if the heroes are to win the day from The Fat Man, Dr Milchman and Dr Crow!

James Bind, double o..ohhh

Carry On Spying I cannot believe at the time of writing this review this film has an average of 6.2, this is a 9 surely. Over 50 years on this remains a hilarious James Bond spoof. Banned from using characters from the James Bond franchise, Gerald Thomas creates Agent Charlie bind, 00-0. Kenneth Williams leads a team of British spies who must take on the STENCH criminals and capture the stolen formula of Professor Stark, who was blown up by the Milk man at the start. Spying stands out from the other early Carry on films by being very camp, Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey are on fine form. Barbara Windsor has just finished playing Gloria in the Rag Trade, she makes a great start to her legendary Carry on career, by playing Daphne Honeybutt, although it would be 3 years before she’d return as Sandra May in Carry on Doctor. Dilys Laye is gorgeous in this film and is uncredited for singing The Magic of love, but it was actually her voice. A real feel good film, and one that will make all the family smile.

Fine entry in the series

Carry On Spying  One of the more consistently amusing “Carry On” movies, “Carry On Spying” drops the gang squarely in the world of James Bond a world they immediately proceed to turn on its ear.

Noteworthy as the “Carry On” debut of series regular Barbara Windsor, playing a secret agent trainee who makes great use of her perky sexuality (a typical attribute of Windsor’s characters) and her intelligence.

The other series regulars (Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, etc.) are at the top of their game. Among the supporting players, Judith Furse is a standout as the intimidating evil mastermind Dr. Crow. Playing the role straight-faced, Furse’s sinister, man-like villainess would fit right into a genuine Bond film.

Highly recommended to fans of the series, and a good starting point for those who’ve never seen a “Carry On” before.

Carry On Sergeant

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