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Carry On Sergeant

Carry On Sergeant

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 Carry On Sergeant   Sergeant Grimshaw wants to retire in the flush of success by winning the Star Squad prize with his very last platoon of newly called-up National Servicemen. But what a motley bunch they turn out to be, and it’s up to Grimshaw to put the no-hopers through their paces.

As you were, sergeant

 Carry On Sergeant   I have liked this movie since I was at least eight and that’s been twelve years and still I like it. As a kid I liked most of the Carry On films but now have become browned off by the majority except for Sergeant. Sergeant is a heart-warming tale featuring William Hartnell -the first Doctor Who and with excellent bit roles such as in The Yangste Incident and his last platoon. It features some of the well known Carry On faces such as Terry Scott and Kenneth Connor who is my favourite in this one as Private Strong. Excellent lines that still make me laugh and scenes that do likewise. Also starring the late great legend that was Bob Monkhouse. This is in my opinion the greatest of the Carry On movies and right up there with comedies of the time such as Doctor in the House, Wrong Arm of the Law and The League of Gentlemen.

What’s Wrong with Gentle Humor?


 Carry On Sergeant  Humor doesn’t need to be slapstick, sexual, or degrading to be funny. It’s the juxtaposition of elements that creates tension and laughs in this gentle comedy about a newly-wed husband who finds out on his wedding day that he’s been drafted. Add to this an Army instructor who’s about to retire, and who makes an extravagant bet that in his last platoon he will finally have a Champion Platoon, only to find that he’s been saddled with a bunch of misfits. Sgt. Grimshawe is played in low-key style by William Hartnell in a gentle send-up of his many ‘tough sergeant’ roles. Bob Monkhouse, Hattie Jacques, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, et. al. turn in equally understated performances that actually enhance the humor.

This film is the obvious inspiration for Bill Murray’s ‘Stripes’, which, while funny, doesn’t have anywhere *near* the charm of ‘Carry On, Sergeant’. It holds up very well, indeed.

Carry On Spying

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