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A man with an important business meeting finds himself having to take care of the carpool for the neighborhood school children when his wife gets sick. Stopping to get donuts for the kids, things go even more awry when he finds himself a victim of a robbery. However, the situation only gets worse as a desperate man who had been contemplating a bank robbery robs the robbers and takes the man and the kids hostage in their van as his truck is blocked by an armored car. The thing then proceeds into a comedic chase movie. The father finds his kids don’t really respect him and they react better to the robber. The end result is everyone gets a lifestyle change, including the original store owner.

STARS: Tom Arnold, David Paymer, Rhea Perlman

89 min | Comedy | 1996 | Color


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What a great movie
It tells a super fun story and has lots of child innocence, for the most part anyway. I saw this at a friend's house one day with a few other kids and I am so glad I did, "nice outfit Travis", was one of the lines that sticks with me along with a lot others. Great movie

Amazing film, outstanding repeatability viewing rating!
I watched this film for the first time tonight. I have to say that I did see it on a small television set, but this did not detract at all from Arthur Hiller's obvious and superb genius comedic directing. The film just fills me with a gleeful warm sense of satisfaction. I particularly enjoy the Mall scene where Franklin drives the people carrier into the hordes of poor shoppers!
This film really does shine out from other genres within the mid-90's era of comedy. We see here a delightful microcosm, a delectable pastiche capturing the endless hilaritys of two 'star crossed' people coping with the madcap situation which life has bestowed them on this darkest of days.
Hiller actually makes you care about the characters, crazy but lovable Franklin (Tom Arnold gives an outstanding performance) with his wacky driving, Daniel with his all so cautious but semi-professional 'keeping it together attitude.' The screaming kids in the back just add to the foreground of this delightful and mystical journey on which we are taken though 90 minutes of mayhem!
With a team of talented writers with the likes of Don Rhymer, you know you're just being given gold! I personally would rate this film 9.5, but that's not for the likes of me to decide. I would thoroughly recommend this film to any friend, and will probably be purchasing on DVD as soon as possible.

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